Which Planks Can Be Laid in Herringbone?

Those savvy buyers looking for a striking modern look or something from the past often consider laying planks in a herringbone design, but which planks can be laid in a herringbone pattern?

The answer is simple, any size plank can be used as long as it has no click joint such as the new hybrids, engineered floors and laminates. All LooseLay and stick-down PVC planks can be used, as well as some engineered timbers made with left and right-hand plank.

It is important to consider whether a full plank of, say 1220mm long is to be used or if the planks are to be cut down to shorter lengths. Cutting planks in half can be a bit tricky, especially if the plank is bevelled, as the cut edge will need to be bevelled as well. Bevelling planks is generally done by hand using a utility knife, scraper or a small hand plane. The hand plane will give the most consistent result with less chance of self-harm, so worth borrowing or investing in. It is also handy for shaving down tight planks for a better fit.

hand planehand plane


DIYers with larger herringbone areas can also get their planks cut by a water-jet or laser-cutting company, but have them try the cutting and bevelling before commencing with cutting your entire floor. Of course, choosing a non-bevelled plank eliminates this process.

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