Laying Over Old Vinyl

We have all seen those old sheet vinyl floors, still wearing well after 20 years, maybe only a split joint and a few small tears, but in desperate need of an update. Good news, the guys at Integra Direct Helensvale have the solution and make it so easy, you will wonder why you did not do it years earlier. Provided the old vinyl is smooth, well stuck and you have cut out and filled any curling joints and torn areas, you actually have a good base for a number of newly evolved floors, such as Loose Lay, hybrids or laminates.

A heavily textured vinyl can have a hybrid such as Aspire or Dream Click Pro laid straight over, while a smoother surface can tolerate these as well as the LooseLay format flooring. Direct sticking LVT planks are not recommended as the required hard-set glue will struggle to dry from between two impervious layers and your floor may still properly adhere after 2 weeks!

These photos show the amazing transformation that Integra’s premium hybrid Aspire Coastal Blackbutt can make over an aged and textured sheet vinyl floor. Hybrid was selected as it is completely waterproof and will tolerate anything served up in the kitchen.

Kitchen floor

DIY or professionally installed, Integra Direct are the experts and will help you achieve the perfect finish at warehouse pricing.