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How do laminate planks and vinyl planks differ?

Laminate floors are the hard click-lock planks that were developed last century. Most will not tolerate moisture as they are based on MDF or HDF, however, some newer laminates have a higher resistance to moisture. Vinyl planks were also developed last century, and have evolved radically over the last five years. The vinyl plank, or LVT as it is also known as, is completely water-proof so can be wet-washed and laid in any room.

Does plank thickness affect the durability?

Not at all. The durability is based on the thickness and quality of the wear layer on the surface. Commercial grade stick down planks vary between 2.5mm to 4.0mm in total thickness. Loose lays and hybrids vary from 4.5mm to 6.5mm thick. Generally, a wear layer of 0.5mm and over is considered heavy commercial and these will tolerate the worst abuse experienced in a home.

What do I need before I can get my home measured and inspected?

If DIY, you will need to calculate your own quantity, but Integra Direct are happy to assist if plans are provided. If you have an installer arranged, that installer should be asked to check your quantities while he is inspecting your site.

Can I return unused boxes?

Generally no, but on some occasions, management will allow it, provided it was a stocked flooring and we have more of that same batch. Non-stocked products are costly to return to our importers and usually not worth the exercise.

Which floors can I lay over tiled floors?

Certainly. Some types of our floors can be laid straight over a smooth tiled floor and others require some preparation. Check the flatness of your floor and then contact the guys at Integra Direct to keep you on the right track with the right advice.

Who is Integra Direct?

Integra Direct is the wholesale and residential division of Integra Floors, a commercial specialist which was established in Helensvale QLD in 1999. Integra Direct deals directly with builders and renovators and now have expanded to offer quality floors with full install service to the general public.

Why is it called “loose lay”?

When originally introduced, manufacturers claimed that no adhesion system was required, and this still applies to some types in small rooms. Now manufacturers have a variety of policies, including perimeter stick, full stick and hard stick. All loose lay floors that are on the Integra Direct website are suitable for loose or perimeter stick, in keeping with our installation instructions (link to installation instructions – when it is added)

How easy is loose lay vinyl to install?

Any handy person that can use a utility knife and straight edge can install loose lay flooring. It is the easiest of all floors to install DIY and Integra Direct can guide you.

Can I use any flooring in my garage if driving a car in?

Most commercial grade stick-down vinyls will withstand a motor vehicle, provided the tyres come to rest on a heat-proof rubber pad. Integra Direct can guide you through the products and the procedures.

How water-proof are these floors?

All our PVC loose lays, hybrids and stick-downs are fully water-proof. Some new generation laminates and most solid timbers are highly water-resistant, some engineered timbers can resist a little water, but standard laminates cannot tolerate more moisture than a wipe-over with a damp cloth. A flooring’s cleaning guide is a good indicator of water-resistance. The construction and condition of the sub-floor must be taken into account at all times and when sticking down PVC floors, and different adhesives may be required in different areas, such as bathrooms. Look out for flooring that rely on waxes or sealing compounds in their joints because they may still be affected by water where they are cut along the walls.
Note that flooring being water-proof does not mean moisture from above or below cannot get through, it just means the flooring itself will not be affected.
Some PVC floors may discolour or go milky when left wet under mats or pot-plants, but usually return to their original colour after dry for a while.

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