Wooden Texture Tiles

At ID Flooring we have a premier range of stunning timber-look tiles.

Our Wooden Texture Tiles collection offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and durability, providing you with the timeless appeal of timber without painful maintenance.

With a wide range of textures, grains, and colours to choose from, our timber-look tiles are designed to elevate your space with elegance and sophistication.

Experience the charm of timber combined with the practicality of tiles. Explore our selection and let us help you create a truly remarkable flooring solution.



GF-WA915748 (150mm x 900mm) Heron Oak
GF-WA915749 (150mm x 900mm) Golden Teak
GF-WA915757 (150mm x 900mm) Ashen Oak
SF-WA915577 (150mm x 900mm) Smoulder Oak
SF-WA915578 (150mm x 900mm) Grey Ash Oak
SF-WA915579 (150mm x 900mm) Natural
SF-WA915583 (150mm x 900mm) American Oak
SF-WA915595 (150mm x 900mm) Aged Oak

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