Project Series Tiles

ID Flooring has a range of stunning 600mm x 600mm tiles which are perfect for your next project.

Elevate your space with these versatile and high-quality tiles designed to transform any home.

With their sleek and contemporary appearance, they offer a perfect balance of style and functionality.

Crafted with precision, these tiles boast exceptional durability and are ideal for various applications, including commercial and residential projects.

Whether you're revamping your office, restaurant, or home, our 600mm x 600mm project tiles are the perfect choice for creating an impressive and timeless aesthetic.



LF-C60012 (600mm x 600mm)
LF-C60013 (600mm x 600mm)
LF-C60015 (600mm x 600mm)
GF-B60401 (600mm x 600mm)
GF-B60404 (600mm x 600mm)
GF-B60405 (600mm x 600mm)
GF-B60406 (600mm x 600mm)
GF-B60115 (600mm x 600mm)
SF-C60145 (600mm x 600mm)

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