Sheridan 6 Hybrid

When it comes to the Hybrid plank floors that have evolved over the last years, Sheridan 6 is simply class-leading. This 6mm thick, 1500mm long hybrid floor boosts a superior joint strength and a tough commercial-rated .55mm wear layer. The environmentally-friendly cork acoustic backing is also highly water-resistant

Sheridan 6 is available in 17 excellent colours, including Australian timbers and outstanding European Oaks. The blend of natural features presents unmatched choices for the modern homeowner.



Colour Range

Midnight Oak
Bleached Oak
Washed Oak
Smoulder Oak
Spotted Gum
Grand Oak
Brushed Oak
Aged Oak
Ivory Ash
Baltic Grey
Golden Teak
Coastal Limed Oak
Coastal Spotted Gum
Limed Grey Oak

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