Can You Paint Floor Tiles?

Tile painting is seeing a comeback at the moment, although it is far from new. Tiles made from clay were custom, packed with slips, and coated before being used as early as the Medieval Era.

Since these tiles were so valuable, they were primarily found in the residences of the super-wealthy, cathedrals and other public structures.

The tiling business was transformed by industrialization. From pricey handmade terracotta tiled floors to stain-resistant-tiled floors, we’ve come a long way.

Painting over ceramic tile has its own set of perks and drawbacks. These advantages and disadvantages will help determine whether painted tiling is the best option for you.


  • You have total control over the design of your bathroom tiles.
  • You can make old or dingy tiles look fresh by replacing them.
  • Tinted tiles, like retail tiles, are sturdy and resist daily wear and tear.
  • It takes less time & expense than re-tiling your room entirely.


  • As a Craft project, it’s a big one; you’ll have to do all of the planning, prep effort, and paint yourself.
  • A tile floor paint project might take about a week to finish, including the painting and drying time.
  • Your coloured tiles may be damaged if done poorly.

How Do You Cover Tiles With Paint?

If the tiles are ceramic, porcelain, or crystal, you may colour them yourself. All you need is correct tile painting equipment.

Tile floors are a beauty in themselves. Floor tiles can be elegant and unique-looking if you use the best tiles and you know how to paint on them.

Select The Correct Floor Tiles To Paint

Painting tiles is a simple and inexpensive method to refresh a space, but it isn’t the most durable option; it’s more like a band-aid. Floor tile paint requires the correct tiles, so you don’t waste your effort and paint. Forgo areas such as showers and places right below the sink.

For instance, avoid areas near water when painting tile floors to keep the paint from flaking too soon. Before you take up a paintbrush, make sure the tiles are spotless.

If you’re painting kitchen tiles, be careful since they’re probably oily or have foodstuff debris on them, which will show through all the paint. Debris, dirt, and oil can prevent the paint from sticking correctly, so use sugar soap or a soap solution and a scrubbing brush to wash the tiles.

Tiles Should Be Sanded

If coating a high-gloss tile, gently sand the surface to provide a surface for the paint to cling to.

Use Stencils For A Shaped Finish

If you want an on-trend geometric tile for a fraction of the cost, try using a stencil to paint over existing tiles. We guarantee it’ll be pretty simple to paint tile floors this way.

Search For The Best Paint

The best option for beneficial results is using the correct paint, with specialist tile paints being the most acceptable option.

Painting floor tiles using specialty paints will be worth every dollar. For best results, always read the instructions when using them.

Don’t Forget To Prime Your Floor Tiles

When it comes to painting ceramic tile, a good primer is essential! Determine if this is a necessary step for all your tile projects to guarantee the lasting appearance of your floors.

A tiny paintbrush is the best one to use if you’re using a primer because a roller can make it challenging to get in between the grout.

To avoid painting yourself into a wall, start at the furthest end of the room and make your way towards the entrance. Use the same method to recoat it after it is dried.

Start Painting the Floor Tiles

Once priming is set, try painting on your tile with a comparable length brush. When you’re using a stencil, now is the moment to place it on your very first tile; spend your time and make sure it’s in the correct spot so your painted tiles will look immaculate after.

Apply numerous layers to reduce unnecessary brushing traces and prevent the paint from peeling after only a few days.

Do You Need to Seal Your Floor Tile?

Sealing your tile is another step if you want to do so. If you’re split about whether or not to protect your tiles – theoretically, you shouldn’t need to preserve them, but coating them with polyurethane would make the coloured tile more lasting. Before applying the sealer, you should ensure the paint is completely dry.

Time Is Needed When Painting Floor Tiles

Allow time for the paint to dry. Allow at least one day for the paint to settle. Or the period specified by the maker of your selected colour.


Which areas are best for painted titles?

Wherever there is a need for an upgrade! Though it is best to avoid high-traffic areas and those that come into contact with a lot of moisture. In most cases, the painted tiles will last for many years.

How quickly can I use my painted floor tiles after being painted?

It’s ready for use 24  hours after the base coat is applied, and it takes 7-10 days to dry thoroughly.

How Do I Maintain my paint floor tiles after applying the top layer on the floor tiles?

After seven days, you can wash a thoroughly dried floor with a light water stream and soft soap. Avoid using harsh cleaners.

Final Thoughts

You can keep the extraordinary gloss of your painted floor tiles for so many years if you follow these dos and don’ts for painted tile care.

The entire procedure for painting tile floors can go far more smoothly than anticipated. The most challenging part is waiting and keeping off the floors while you are waiting for it to dry. The painting part can be a satisfying process, and you’ll likely find the time flying while you are doing it. However, be patient and take your time while painting floor tiles – it’s a process that requires a bit of finesse.

You can contemplate utilizing it on the tile flooring of your local store booth, too, where you can amuse your store visitors with the beauty of your floor tiles. That would be a fantastic idea, especially if your tile paint is unique.