Why Is New Vinyl Flooring A Great Option To Carpet?

Carpeted floors will always have their place, along with tiled floors and rugs. The new generation DIY vinyl floors often cost less than carpet, but this is not the only thing that attracts buyers! There are disadvantages to carpet over DIY vinyl flooring, and we’ll cover some of those negatives in this post.

Carpet Ages Quickly

Look at any carpet in an average family home after a few years and you can see it does not look new. This “loss of appearance” may be attributed to compacting, staining or soiling; all issues that vinyl floors do not suffer.

Why DIY Flooring Is a Better Option Than Carpet

Carpet Is Unhygienic

Think of all the dirt and grime, pet hair, spilled drinks and dropped food that gets trapped in carpet. It’s a veritable breeding ground for dust mites and all sorts of bacteria. Not to mention being a dust trap and presenting a constant nightmare for asthma and allergy sufferers. Out of all the possible floor coverings, carpet is the most unhygienic of the lot.

Carpet Is High Maintenance

Vacuuming carpet effectively can be a real arduous chore, and even then the vacuum will only suck up the surface dust and dirt where it can reach. And it does nothing to kill germs and bacteria. This means that regular thorough, professional carpet cleaning is required, along with the joys of furniture shifting and waiting around.

Carpet Doesn’t Wear Very Well

Any areas exposed to sunlight will often fade, and they also discolour after spot cleaning. The pile wears flat or wears out entirely, and lighter coloured carpets start to look really grimy and patchy after a while. Sure, you could spend a fortune on carpet that is more durable and stays looking good for longer, but eventually, you will go through the whole replacement exercise again. Most quality vinyl plank floors carry wear warranties of 25 years, so your floor will look more than presentable when you decide to move out.

DIY Vinyl Flooring – A Better Solution

DIY vinyl flooring is considered a far better solution than carpet. It can be installed successfully by the homeowner, is very easy to clean and maintain, looks fantastic, and because it lasts 2 – 4 times longer than carpet, the cost savings are enormous.

At Integra Direct on the Gold Coast we supply a vast range of DIY vinyl flooring solutions. Never before has quality and beautiful flooring been so accessible and affordable. Call today and speak with one of our experts about your project and your options. You will be blown away by our range of styles, colours and textures. And yes, we do sell carpet as well.