Tips for Making a House a Home

Without some imagination and personal touches, a house can remain just a house. The idea is to make it feel homely, with a part of your own personality going into the decorating, arrangement of furniture and other household items, as well as the material used for things like floor coverings.

Let’s look at a few key tips to make your house a home.

Tips for Making a House a Home


The lighting in each room can really create the mood. Some rooms require bright lighting, such as kitchens and bathrooms, but when deciding on the right kind of lighting solutions for your home, you really want to have options in most rooms for both bright light, and soft, ambient lighting.

Lamps, down lights with dimmer switches and coloured lighting, all add to the overall mood and appeal of a room.

Being drenched in harsh, bright lighting all the time is far from cosy, and it can even make a room feel hot in summer. Consider the mood and nature of each room and design the lighting accordingly.


The style, colour and arrangement of furniture all play a part in the look, feel and practicality of a room. For starters, you don’t want over-sized furniture taking up too much space in a small room, and you also want the fabric and materials of the furniture to match the wall colour, the flooring and the decor of the room.

Furniture should be practical, comfortable and look great. The more your furniture is in line with your personality, the more at home you will feel in each and every room.

Wall Decorations

Vast areas of blank wall space can really make a house look rather sterile. Larger walls especially need to be broken up with some form of decoration or artwork.

If you are an artist or a photographer, then what better way to add your unique touch of personality to the home than by hanging a piece of artwork that you created or a framed photo that you took. A few select pieces placed at strategic locations on the walls will really breathe life and vibrancy into your home. It doesn’t even have to be something your created. Any decoration or artwork that blends well with the surrounds will do the trick.

Floor Coverings

Like the walls in a home, the flooring covers a vast area, so you want it to look good and fit well with your personal taste and style. Whether you choose to go with carpets, tiles, timber flooring or trendy vinyl flooring, you want colours, textures and materials that really exude your personality.

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