The Best Modern Flooring Ideas in 2022

Modern design is the most desirable trend favoured by consumers these days. Simplicity, minimalism, natural materials and a monochromatic colour palette are the main characteristics that decorators and homeowners strive for in their interiors. 

While interiors feature a variety of decor elements that create the modern look, it is the flooring that binds all of them together and completes the arrangement like the cherry on top. 

Here at ID Flooring, we have prepared a guide for you to pick the best modern flooring and transform your happy place into the modern-styled home of your dreams. 

Timber Flooring

Let’s start with the most classic yet never disappointing – wood.

Wood is one of the natural materials that never goes out of style. It’s always highly appreciated by interior designers in every form, shape and colour. The main characteristic of wood flooring is its solid and durable structure and the variety of organic colours.

If you want to give your modern home an elegant, stylish and robust look with earthy vibes, then engineered timber flooring is what you should go for. With its genuine weathered character, the natural visuals of timber will implement organic spirit into your happy place. The stylish look of timber is completed by its foolproof functionality to make your modern flooring look beautiful and last for a long time. It’s stable and resistant to cracking, thanks to its three-layer structure. 

If you want to give your place an authentic and sophisticated look, there are plenty of modern wood flooring options for you to choose from. You might want to go for the ever-reliable Heartridge Riviera Timber, which uses an innovative 5G click lock technique for easier and faster installation. It’s low maintenance and comes in various natural, earthy colours to enrich your modern home.

If you’re a sucker for warm and rich wood tones and planet-friendly solutions, The Select Australian Timber might be what you’re looking for. This unique product is made from natural Australian eucalyptus species and manufactured from sustainable sources with eco-certification to make your modern home look stylish and represent an eco-friendly attitude.

Whether you’re planning your modern flooring to be in a matte or semi-gloss finish, or have a smooth or light wire brushed texture, you will find a suitable option within the Fiddelback 0.6 Timber range. The all-time favourite Spotted Gum and Blackbutt timber planks in neutral grey hues will give your home an elegant and lofty look.

Timber Flooring

Laminate Flooring

If you’re opting for a more budget-friendly alternative to hardwood, you can go for laminate flooring, the design of which imitates hardwood perfectly. Laminate is made of a fiberboard MDF or HDF core – wood-derived products – which make it solid and highly durable. For that reason, it may be sensitive to water just like hardwood and may soften and swell when exposed to liquid. Standard laminate floorings therefore work best in low moisture and humidity spaces, for example in a living room or bedroom. 

However, an innovative Swiss laminate has changed the game in the interior design industry by offering a high-quality water-resistant product that allows moisture from 48 up to 72 hours, depending on thickness. The ground-breaking Aquastop technology makes the laminate flooring suitable for any room. However, you should still limit the material’s direct exposure in the particular areas where increased water contact may occur, for example, the area of the bathtub in the bathroom or the dripping air-conditioner.

Laminate planks are laid as a “floating floor” and can be installed on any flat, smooth, and dry surface over a thin layer of foam using the click-lock method. You can lay the planks yourself or have them installed professionally. Should you need assistance, ID Flooring is happy to offer a full supply and installation service with a free measure.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is another modern flooring alternative that might feel like a perfect match if you’re looking for an economic solution to a fashionable floor covering. Vinyl’s natural charm and rustic surface will give you stylish and eye-catching modern flooring that won’t cost you a fortune. The price of vinyl is comparable to the price of the laminate, so you’ve got two equally affordable modern flooring options to choose between.

Similar to laminate, vinyl flooring (also known as lino flooring) emulates the appearance of wood, keeping its grain and rustic features visible so you can enjoy the classy, organic look in your modern-style home. Elegant vinyl planks are also warmer underfoot than traditional wood flooring. The standard planks commonly adhere to the surface with a glue-down method, but more modernised vinyl products tend to come with a click lock or loose-lay installation system. 

Vinyl flooring will give you the desired wood-like looking ground for an affordable price. Still, it also has some functionality advantages that might make you fall in love with vinyl forever. It’s completely water-resistant, making it an ideal covering solution for home spaces more prone to moisture and humidity. So, if you’re looking for a fashionable yet durable bathroom or kitchen flooring, vinyl will serve its purpose as water spills won’t affect it. 

Vinyl is suitable to be laid on every subfloor, whether it’s cement, tile, granite or any other flat surface. Thanks to the built-in underlayment found in premium vinyl flooring, the planks are suitable to cover even irregular subfloors. 

Excellent quality vinyl flooring features a rigid core structure that guarantees dimensional stability. This sturdy foundation is resistant to heavy traffic, making it a perfect flooring solution, especially for large commercial spaces. If you have a big, fast-paced family, you can be sure that your flooring will come out clean no matter the amount of jumping around it gets. 

Although they have a shorter lifespan than traditional hardwood, vinyl floorings don’t require as much maintenance as their more expensive alternative. They are easy to clean, and you don’t need to worry about any extra treatments like sanding or polishing – all you need to do to keep your vinyl flooring sleek and chic is regular mopping. 

Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid Flooring

When choosing new modern flooring for your home, you might want to consider hybrid flooring. It’s a mix of the earlier mentioned laminate and vinyl. It incorporates durable laminate and water-resistant vinyl characteristics to create an authentic and sophisticated design for planks that are also functional and long-lasting. 

Hybrid planks don’t require adhesives like vinyl planks sometimes do – the practical feature that they adopt from laminate planks is that they are installed through interlocking. 

Suppose you’re thinking of enhancing your modern-style home with elegant and functional hybrid flooring. In that case, you may want to get familiar with the Pallas range, featuring Pallas Hybrid and Pallas Ultimate 9mm Hybrid that are famed for their reliable heat stability – an essential attribute for the rough Australian climate.

Hybrid Flooring

Carpet Flooring

Good news for all the soft underfoot lovers – carpets are still one of the best go-to options when it comes to modern flooring solutions. Carpets are generally more suitable for low-traffic areas such as the living room or bedroom, and their role is to bring balance, cosiness and comfort into the rooms.

Apart from bringing an element of style, carpets are practical – they act as a natural air filter by collecting dust and fur (as long as you remember to vacuum regularly!). 

Modern carpet flooring features basic, minimalist textures that are evenly laid out through the surface with neutral earthy colours. If you want to introduce a warmer feeling into your modern-styled rooms, you can go for a loop pile carpet, such as Cottage View 2 and Mojave, or cut pile ones like Luminesque and Sorrento Bay.

From very light to very dark neutral hues, you will surely find the perfect carpet that suits your modernised interior.

What Is the Most Popular Modern Flooring Colour?

Popular modern flooring solutions such as timber, laminate, or vinyl, are available in an abundance of shades that you will come across while looking for the perfect floor covering. Depending on the design you want to achieve in your home, you can choose between light white oak shades, warm honey tones, to dark chocolate wood hues. 

Modern homes often feature light to medium light wood colour shades on their floorings as they represent a natural and neutral colour palette – just what a modern home is all about. Light oak is a standard indicator of modern Scandinavian style or Boho design. Light colours are known to enlarge a particular area optically. Therefore, they would work well on the living room or dining area floor to make them visually more fresh and airy. Top tip: if you want your whole household to look more spacious, keep the same flooring throughout the entire area. This will also make your modern home feel light and relaxed. 

On the other hand, dark colours are associated with a deep and moody atmosphere. If the particular area of your household is sizeable and you want to make it look cosier and more inviting, have a go with dark wood tones on your modern flooring. The visible natural grain featured on a dark earthy shade of wood gives the flooring an earthy and organic visual effect – a significant component of a modern home design. 

Final Thoughts

Modern design is what many of us are turning to in home decor these days. The minimal look, neutral colours and natural products are what make our interiors in line with modern style rules. Flooring is the vital element of any interior, and picking the right one guarantees the overall concept to become our sought-after reality.

If you’re ready to transform your home into a stylish yet functional place, contact us to get an instant quote on your ideal modern flooring.