Luxury Flooring Made Easy

Apart from the walls and ceiling in your home, the floors take up the most surface space. That being the case, making sure the floors look great is very important. After all, there’s no point having a nice looking home with quality, attractive furniture, but yet the flooring looks shabby.

Traditional timber flooring, carpets and ceramic or natural stone tiles have often been the preferred choices for floor coverings. And while timber, carpets and tiles will likely never go out of vogue, over the life of your home they are expensive materials and also take considerable time and money to lay.


So what else is there? What can you use on your floors that will save time and money, but still look stunning?

A Better Option

Vinyl flooring is the answer. These days the quality of this type of flooring is so good, it can be made to look like real timber flooring, or even regular floor tiles.

Loose lay vinyl flooring really is quick and easy to install compared to more traditional flooring materials. In fact, many people opt to install it themselves. The colour range, choice of styles, finishes and textures is so vast, you can virtually achieve any look your heart desires. Completely water-proof Hybrid floors are simply installed directly over old tiled floors, removing the need for expensive removal and toppings.

Never before has there been a greater range of flooring finishes and designs as there are today, and that’s all thanks to the innovations brought about by the development of vinyl flooring.Today, luxury flooring is made easy and affordable for everyone.

Essentially it is designed to be a do it yourself solution, saving you money on labour costs, while at the same time achieving results that just weren’t possible for the price in days gone by.

Integra Direct

On the Gold Coast Integra Direct are your local vinyl flooring professionals. We stock a vast range of loose lay vinyl flooring products, giving you so many options you are spoilt for choice.

Get in touch today and chat with one of our experts to learn how we can help you. Once you check out our range of options, you will see luxury flooring is possible on a budget. Complete customer satisfaction is our guarantee, and our choice of vinyl flooring options can’t be beaten on the Gold Coast.